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Tips For Installing A Sunroom Or Solarium

The thought of having an addition placed on your home sounds like a great idea on the surface, but many people begin to have fears and apprehensions when it comes time to actually making a decision to getting one of these built.  If this sounds like you, learning about solarium installation in Utica, MI may be a good way to learn.

Find the location

The first step is to find the location.  This will be the best place to attach a sunroom to your house.  Many people will have this in the back of their home for privacy and to take on the sun at specific times of the day.

Prep the location

Once you have decided on where you want to have your sunroom installed, you will need to prep the location.  This means that you will clear out the area of grass, trees and other debris and prepare the area with a level grade.

Pour the pad

The next step is to pour the concrete pad.  This is what the sunroom will sit on and be attached to.  The size of the pad will determine the overall size of your sunroom.  Make sure that you pour this to the correct dimensions since it will cause issues down the road if wrong.

Start installation

solarium installation in Utica, MI

From this point, they will start the installation process.  This typically can be done in a day which is great news for people looking to get a room installed.  Once installed it will come down to starting to decorate and stage your room.


Once your room is installed you will stage it by putting in furniture and other items.  You will also start to do landscaping, trees, bushes and other items to tie your room into your house.  Once all of this is done, you will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your new addition.