Absolutely Nothing To Fear From Dental Work

Strange as this may seem to enlightened readers – and interestingly enough, it comes as no surprise to qualified, responsible and licensed dental practitioners – this universal phobia about going to the dentist prevails. To add insult to the injury if you will, there is now the added fear of being infected by the next strain of this dreaded virus. Another interesting concern is that of the dental x ray in Bullhead City.

dental x ray in Bullhead City

And interestingly enough, this concern has come from none other than the enlightened readers out there. They learned that the standard X-ray screening contained levels of radiation.

By law, no medical practitioner may practice any form of dentistry unless he or she holds the appropriated medical and academic qualifications, has completed his or her term of residency (yes, student dentists do that too) and have been properly licensed and registered in the county, state and/or at the federal level, as the case may be. Indeed, no dental practitioner may proceed with a dental X-ray procedure unless he or she is properly trained and qualified to carry out that important procedure.

The COVID-related fears have been addressed by the health services industries, including the dental industry. By now, all dentists in residence, as well as their able assistants, are more than familiar with the now familiar practice of properly masking up and sanitizing the clinical environment.

The concern about the obligatory dental X-ray was quite possibly well-founded and perfectly understandable. But the informed reader was soon able to breathe easy in the knowledge that the radiation levels were so minimal it would never pose any health risk to the generally healthy patient.

Phobias, thank goodness, are now few and far in-between. This is also due to spreading awareness.